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Keep up with our promotions, information and special events on your time and your terms. Grand is a part of several online communities so you can stay connected and interact with us using the forums you're accustomed to using. See below for more information on Grand's social media outlets.

Grand Blog

Find out what's going on with Grand online or with RSS feeds directly to you using Grand's Word Press blog. Grand bloggers include our appliance, electronics and bedding buyers, director of sales and director of marketing. Grand blogs include industry news, new product announcements and special promotions available at Grand.

You Tube

Why read about us or pour through confusing spec sheets when you can tune into Grand's YouTube feed and watch videos about the same topics? We've uploaded videos about all things Grand to help you learn more about us, our locations and the products we sell.


If a picture is worth 1,000 words our photo assortment on Picassa would likely equate to a Grand encyclopedia. Check out store images, before and after install photos and pictures from Grand's special events.

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